2015 ImageI have enjoyed working in higher education since 1993. The first eight and a half years of my career were spent in the realm of Student Affairs (all those college-things that happen outside of the classroom) at various universities including Ball State University, Butler University, and the University of Tennessee.

I then transitioned from Student Affairs to Academic Affairs. After returning to school to study teacher education, I realized my true passion for teaching and learning. Knowing the Student Affairs side of institutions has truly given me a better understanding of students and all that they bring to our classrooms – both our face-to-face classrooms and our virtual classrooms.

I joined the University of Northwestern Ohio family in 2006 after teaching 7th grade Language Arts in the public schools for a few years. I currently serve as the founding Director of the Center for Educational Excellence and adjunct Assistant Professor teaching various general education courses. I previously served as a full-time faculty member in the General Education Department of UNOH’s College of Business and as the senior instructional designer for the UNOH Virtual College. In the past, I designed and taught UNOH’s Online Faculty Certification course for our online faculty candidates.

Currently, I oversee professional development for the UNOH on-campus faculty in the Colleges of Business, Health Professions, Occupational Professions, and Applied Technologies. It is truly a joy to develop, plan, deliver, and assess professional workshops and faculty learning communities with the ultimate goal of improving student learning. In addition, I work with Academic Department Chairs and Division Heads in the development and continuous improvement of the academic curriculum in all colleges across campus and am also the Coordinator of the First Year Experience Program serving our newest students.

In January 2017 I joined the Franklin University faculty as an adjunct faculty member and Doctoral Faculty Advisor for the Doctorate of Professional Studies – Instructional Design Leadership program. I also serve on the Advisory Board for the program. It is such a joy to work with dedicated doctoral students who are passionate about making positive contributions to the field of Instructional Design.

Outside of my routine job duties, I have the pleasure of leading the committee responsible for the RACER Leaders – the UNOH student ambassadors. I currently serve on various student success committees as part of a university-wide retention project. I am convener for the AICUO (Association of Colleges and Universities in Ohio) Online/MOOC Assessment Task Force to develop an OOC/MOOC Assessment Tool. I have also recently worked with a team to develop, design, and deliver UNOH’s first MOOC – OIL 101: Fact or Friction.

My current research interests most specifically include creating an efficient system to improve the adoption of interactive open education resources for student engagement. In addition, much of my reading and study focuses on practices to cognitively and socially engage learners, effective course and curriculum design, professional development strategies, teaching practices for active learning, and effective implementation of teaching technologies. I truly enjoy teaching and learning!

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