Krathwohl and Bloom’s Affective Taxonomy

Most educators are familiar with Bloom’s Taxonomy, which focuses mostly on the cognitive domain of learning and knowledge-based objectives and outcomes. But, there is often more to learning than obtaining knowledge. Three domains of learning: Cognitive (Knowledge) Psychomotor (Skills) Affective (Attitudes/Values) What is the Affective Domain Taxonomy? Includes learner behaviors indicating attitudes, awareness, attention, concern,… Continue reading Krathwohl and Bloom’s Affective Taxonomy

Online Teaching: Building a Learning Community with Virtual Meeting Tools

I was once an online student. It was a great learning experience, and I thrived in that environment! So, I have to ask myself … what made my online learning experience so great? I was part of a learning community! I had opportunities to truly connect with and interact with my professors and peers using… Continue reading Online Teaching: Building a Learning Community with Virtual Meeting Tools

My #OneWord2017: MODEL

If you are on social media this week, you have likely stumbled across the hashtag #OneWord2017.  Jon Gordon (@JonGordon11), Dan Britton (@fcadan), and Jimmy Page (@JimmyPageVT) wrote the book One Word That Will Change Your Life to inspire us to simplify and focus on just one word for the year for clarity, power, passion, and life-change. Well, I don’t… Continue reading My #OneWord2017: MODEL

The Pain of [NOT] Doing: Life Lessons

This post continues a series called 5 Life Lessons Learned from the PhD. I learned much about education and instructional design during my PhD journey, but the most valuable of all were the life lessons learned along the way. In this 5-part series, which began with Just Start, I challenge conventional thoughts by looking at life a… Continue reading The Pain of [NOT] Doing: Life Lessons

Open Educational Resources

Are you struggling to implement Open Educational Resources? Thousands of free, interactive OERs are available online, but many struggle to locate, select, and implement these valuable instructional materials. I have developed a free checklist that might help to guide your OER adoption! RESOURCES: Ready, Set, Engage! Interactive OER for Student Engagement Lynn’s OIDA Webinar (The first two… Continue reading Open Educational Resources

5 Steps for Curriculum Mapping

What is curriculum mapping? Curriculum mapping is an important task used to show proper alignment of program goals, course objectives, instructional support materials, formative assessment activities, summative outcomes assessments, and finally the instructional plan. Simply put, it is the creation of a map showing the path of both teaching and learning from start to finish.… Continue reading 5 Steps for Curriculum Mapping

Writing Effective Learning Objectives

Teaching is only part of the educational formula. There are other considerations that must be made in order for the formula to equal increased student learning, which is always our desired result, right? Start with the end in mind. What is it that you hope the students will learn? Better yet, what behaviors should the students… Continue reading Writing Effective Learning Objectives